A wide portion of ARTIFICIALIA space is dedicated to the Temporary Exhibitions which, in time, will offer visitors the chance to come and see different artists and their works.

From the protagonists of the modern era to archival research, the Temporary Exhibit encompasses all languages of classic, modern and contemporary art.

The Exhibit is not intended as a simple special feature of the main museum. The idea behind it is deeper. The Exhibit is something to be lived as a different way to experience art.

Art can have different shapes and one of them is the old-fashioned museum in which visitor can feel at home and feel comfortable.

Thus, our Temporary Exhibit is the safe place in where visitor can hide, from time to time, in order to regain those distance from art. That’s the big difference from our main Museum, where visitors become art themselves and dissolve themselves in every single recess.

In here, instead, visitors can feel the proper distance from art so they can see it from a different point of view. More classic, in a way. But not everything is what it seems and sometimes some details can change your perspective. Just keep this in mind, while visiting our Temporary Exhibit.

Artists being included in the Temporary Exhibit will be announced on this website in the NEWS section and on the panel in the Court well before the start of exhibition in order to give visitor the chance to organize a visit to ARTIFICIALIA.