Silence is the most common reaction in the presence of the great entity. What kind of entity? This is not known. What visitors experience in this room, after walking through every room along the path is a sort of ecstasy.

They feel almost ashamed by the only painting present in this room as they were tiny, facing the enormous picture. Depicted in there there’s something and visitors come up with different meaning and all those meaning have something in common: they ask for silence. For compliance.

After getting lost in their path and losing their references with art this room ask visitors to accept the fact they’re journey has to cross the way with the greater entity which sees and judges.

The silent God (as suggested by the quote from Woody Allen) is not one god in particular. It’s the depiction of one God. The most powerful God visitors know: art God which, in this room, is silent. And ask man to shut up.

The art God is more complicated and constructed than any other god since it demands acceptance of art in all its form. He ask people to understand its meaning and to comply to its power.

There’s no escaping from the art god. Which, in turn, can judge visitors judging art. There can’t be no judgment, only emotions in looking at art.

The art God knows that. Do visitors know that too?