There are many traps, out there. Some of them look like dangerous places. Others, instead, look like comfortable and familiar places. Traps are everywhere.

They can have different shapes and hey always lock us inside some distort and unpleasant space. The traps we are referring to, in Room 9, are the ones which can’t be told. They look like common places. Places where visitors can find themselves wandering in, without a proper goal.

We usually create our own traps and, most of the time, we enjoy being held captive inside them, inside all those mental rooms, in our brain and our soul.

This room is one of those rooms, which depicts a spatial distortion and an emotional compromise between safe and dangerous. Between normal and abnormal.

When walking through this room visitors are challenged to stay put in their personal space and feelings. Traps, after all, can be challenging and escaping from them might be tricky.

But when someone can run from them, a new world seems to be waiting outside of the window.