Transcending to the real realm of truth is something which can be overwhelming. This room depicts this emotion in unique way: it displays several white spots in substitution of paintings.

Why? Because there’s no more to experience now. After walking from room to room until this one, visitors understand that there’s no more room for actual colors or landscapes or faces.

Like shadows, they’re cast along the way until they hit a wall. Those walls are the ones which are in need of something. Something new to be depicted. We need something new. Something bold.

This room tells exactly this kind of story. All those blank spots are here to be filled with the next big emotion. The next great feeling.

Which one will be painted there? No one knows. All this white spots are some sort of paintings which depict the the next big thing in our life. The next adventure. They’re ready to be painted.

Visitors are the colors and the emotions, ready to be painted there. But life as it is can’t be painted, after all. We can try to depict some small part of it not the entire realm of reality.

Thus, we, probably, are destined to leave these paintings as they are.