Terror, in this room, is just a distant thought. Visitors in here have nothing more to fear about. Their journey has reached a point where everything is experienced in a different, more personal way.

Like they find themselves flying over the world, weightlessly, they’ll have the chance to see the world below them as it is: filled with monsters.

With their strange-looking bodies and faces. Like there’s no more filters in front of their eyes.

By definition, when floating like a cast shadow, reality is devoided of everything. Nothing seems real anymore. Nothing seems comfortable anymore.

The journey is set and there’s no turning back. Not anymore. By waling in this room visitors will have the chance to see the world as it is and they’ll look at it without any lenses. Without being beautified by personal feelings or emotions.

Seeing the world as it is, with its monsters can be cathartic for everyone. We can see beyond the curtains of distractions. The curtains of decay. Until we reach out the real truth.

In a way, we are all monsters.