The terror felt in Room 4 is now asking us to face and fight our fears. So which better way to fight fear, for visitors, than becoming something different, which can’t be touched by terror?

The perfect continuation of the journey for visitors is this room which ask them to follow some instructions.

By moving between plinths and by looking at their shadows on the wall, people end being visitors and become something more. Something different. They become art itself.

Art is the only answer to terror and fear. Art can’t be dissolved by fear nor can be destroyed by terror.

Art wins everything. It lasts forever. This is the only way for visitors to fight their fears and terrors. They transfigure their body by casting a long shadow on the wall which become a new paint in this museum.

Becoming art is not something which comes without a toll. By changing their figure into something more ethereal visitors have to pay the last visit to fear itself, depicted b the painting they will find at the end of the corridor.

This moving forward to fear itself (which now has completely lost its power) has many meaning but we won’t tell you the right now. Visitors, as usual, has the right to come up with every meaning they want.

But ultimately, they will find out that what their fear most was themselves.