There are many kind of terror. Nightly terror, for example. Terror suggested by open spaces or small spaces. This room depicts a different kind of terror: the one we suddenly feel in a comfortable situation. The one we can’t fight since it terrifies us so deeply we can’t escape from it.

While seeming perfectly normal this room is filled with different kind of terrors, each of which comes from a very different reason. We can’t avoid feeling the terror in our lives, especially when it comes from the deep recesses of our mind or our soul. It’s something related to anxiety or some fear.

When terror invades our space we are alone in the fight. We can’t fight back nor we can run from it. We simply have to stand right before it and hope for it come pass by without grave danger.

What is terror, by the way? Is it something we can understand? Probably not. But is it something we can depict? Probably yes. And that’s the key point in this room.

While we can’t figure terror our with words we can depict it in paintings. We can feel it. We can even try to manage the fear it induces in us. It’s the way we have to safely deal with it.

The room, with its long dark shadows, shows visitors that terror can cast its shadows well deep within us. Until it reaches the deepest part of our lives and start hurting.

There’s no escape from it, until we learn to fight our fears (which is the obvious name of the room which follows in this journey).