This room has no painting since it aims to make visitors experience something which can’t be described by a painting: the change in their emotional state.

In here, lights and shadow do their job perfectly. They transport visitors deeper inside their self space. While wandering along the short corridor people start to realize that they’re inside a small portion of their consciousness.

But this small space is getting bigger and bigger as they walk through the corridor until the end of it where they reach the perfect balance between real world and the inner world. The kind of space which, again, can’t be depicted by a painting.

We aim to have visitors to paint their emotion on the inner walls of their mind as they walk by stress, for example or some other strong emotion.

Visitors start creating their very own inner world and they are trapped inside it since there’s no escape from it in natural terms. People in this room starts the real journey, that’s why this room is called “Twilight”.

When visitors enter here they leave the known world to undertake a long journey toward something which is still very unknown: themselves.

And this is the most remarkable of the journeys.