While the visit proceed in this room, visitors might experience a sense of derange. Their physical or mental state is challenged. The previous room was a blend or layers. A blend of realities. Yet, this room seems unarguably very similar to the ones of the ground floor.

But why? Is it a trick? Not quite. It represent the disorder people experience even when dealing with something within a known condition. Inside a controller scenario.

Something is different. It’s just is difficult to realize. It’s arduous to tell what changes and what’s still the same. It’s like the blending layer has just vanished, leaving visitors to face their new reality.

A different one, which force them to walk along the corridor, again and again. One step after the other. In a very, very irregular way.

The rules are changed now. The museum is changed. Visitors are changed as well. Nothing is the same anymore. It’s a compromise.

Something that must be dealt with.