ROOM 18 | “URGE”

What is an urge? It’s an instinctive impulse. The very same impulse visitors feel inside the room. The impulse to move forward, toward the light. Toward a better condition.

The museum brought visitors here, imposing some powerful conundrums and now, after those are solved, at least on an aware state, people can step into another layer. Another space.

With an impelling urge.

The space in this room is more familiar even if colors and architecture are not quite the same. They differ from previous rooms yet they’re not similar to the rooms in the ground floor.

It’s like a blend of realities. Something new emerged from visitors’ visit. They created this space. In their mind first, when trying to visualize a proper ending for the first part of the visit.

Then, they feel it, when they step inside. This room is a sort of maze. But there’ so central room with the treasure. There’s no escape by turning back. Visitors can only proceed further, to reach the other room.

And as usual, it’s the journey which matters, not the goal at the end.