ROOM 17 | “CRUX”

Entering this room represents, for visitors, the chance to meet their very own crux of their journey. In other words, the vital, basic, decisive and pivotal point of their entire visit.

By walking through this room visitors start emerging a bit from this deeper layer of the museum, in order to achieve something else. Something more.

It feels like leaving a burden behind and transcend further, without fear or without feeling miserable for something.

The museum itself plays with people visiting it. It changes its own angles, leaving visitors disoriented. What goes on in this room? Is it shifting? Of course not.

Walls and corridors are always there. It’s people who shifts. Who bend and blend their very own reality, until everything is set and the architecture starts making sense again.

Like a valid pattern can’t be found in a flood or in a stream of consciousness, this room depicts the same sense of awareness people feel before a space who changes itself into something new.

Something intriguing. And vast. A door opens, which leads to somewhere else. The journey can continue.

The toll has being paid.