An abyss awaits visitor when entering this room. And every step into that direction simply puts people nearer the threshold but it seems to be something more about this immeasurable space. Something which seems to guide people to it. Through it.

The abyss related not only to physical layer of understanding, like the one with water. There’s more. The abyss visitors are facing is something profound. Unfathomable. Infinite.

It’s the abyss of their mind. Which can be explored only with a strong will. Who knows what some could find inside it. Is there room for an escape, from it? Could it be experienced like any other room in the museum?

Or is it something unique, which poses a threat for everyone who dare to touch it and feel it? Only by experience visitors will realize there’s no more dangerous place in the entire realm of existence like the one we fill with ourselves.

The space within us might be everything. Anything. And nothing. We choose what can be found and what can’t be found in here. Staring at the abyss is a therapeutic experience for most of people because it reflect what he sees. And it sees us.

It’s like a mirror, but the abyss only shows what’s inside us. What’s on our mind. It helps us visualize thoughts. And fears.

Until visitors are ready to move on.