The more visitor step inside the deeper layer of the museum, the more they can feel the emptiness around them. What’s missing? There must be something missing in here.

What’s missing is not in the room. Of course.

What’s missing is inside visitors. They experience in the Wunderkammer is not yet complete. They pass through rooms, one after another, to find themselves trapped in a sorto of eternal vacancy.

There’s room for more in this room. People perceive that. It’s just not quite obvious. Nor evident. To anyone. People must dig into it. Find it. Visitor are tasked with this goal: to find what’s missing.

This search is a personal one. And the missing part is always different. Every day. Every hour. Being inside this room is like being on a threshold which leads on a new, even deeper layer.

There are glimpses on what awaits further. It can be seen by eyes. It only takes to move your head around.

But to go further, what’s missing has to be found. Has to be understood. Has to be engulfed.