Agony. Anguish. Despair. Discomfort. All these might be effects. But also causes. In the deeper layer visitors find themselves in, suffer and agony are the key words.

There’s no life without misery and people need to accept that. Sadness. Sorrow. All come in place, when time’s ready. And everything is setup. Life is a constant game of changes. A game of power. A theater. The stage is the life itself.

All these causes and effects are merely some characters in this gargantuan stage which if life. Visitor step inside this stage as an audience, only to find out the main protagonist… is themselves.

Through the paintings and spaces, people who pass through this room can feel attached to it, in some way. They can feel and experience the misery of not being complete.

Some pieces are missing. Which one, is up to the visitor to find out.