Fury. Strong forces. The violence is all around us. It engulfs us. We feel torn about it. We try to escape from violence, yet it make us revolve around her every day.

Each of our steps in the world seems to take us a little closer to violence. A bit closer to the insanity of the brute force. Why is violence so deep in ourselves? Because, maybe, we’re animals.

After all, when we try to escape violence we must endure an ever stronger journey to eradicate it from our existence. This is the true meaning of life: to delete violence in our lives. Yet, every now and then we fail at it and we find ourselves trapped again in this horrific world.

There’s salvation, however. But it comes at a cost: visitors must endure and follow through violence, in order to understand it. To get it completely. To make it part of their beings. Only through a whole understanding visitors can go deep in their journey.

This path may lead to several and different ways. It’s the task of visitors to understand which one is the best for them. Not in a physical definition, of course, but more on a human level.

Step by step, along the corridors and thanks to art, visitors can rely on their sensorial aids to understand what lies beyond the next turn. Beyond the next hall.