What defines us, as human being, on this planet? Is that our strength? Or, maybe, is that our efforts do live a proper life? No. What defines us is our constant presence.

We live on this planet, we feel it. We leave scares on its surface, on its soul. And we do that to other human being too. Our presence, is felt among other human beings. We are recognized among others by our peculiarities. Our passions. Our will.

But when we, ultimately, look inside ourselves, we can reach a world where everything is different. Where everything changes. We loose our compass in such a world. Our inner eyes have difficult to adjust to the dim lights of our soul.

Who are we? Are we really what others think of us? Or, maybe, others see just a representation of our inner being? Each one of them, seeing a different side of us.

How many sides do we have? How are we, really? The answer is not simple, of course. But can be grasped, ultimately.

When visitors enter this room they enter in their very own inner sanctum where they can move along pillars and structures. These structures represent their inner space, which can be solid. But also tricky.

Question is, what do they find inside this inner space? The tiny picture inside the great concrete block tell them the truth.

We’re small, inside ourselves. Inside our castle we are so small no one can see us from outside. We can barely see ourselves from the inside.

All the rest is just structure. All those pillars and walls are just our different sides and masks we use to shield our inner self from others.