ROOM 10 | “HELL”

In THE TEMPEST, Shakespeare writes that “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here”. This is perhaps, the ultime truth. The one visitors are asked to face and comprehend.

So, if every devil left hell what does remain in it, exactly? This room tries to answer this tricky question by presenting several portion of the world (not necessary our world) to visitors.

Empty spaces, dark recesses, this room is designed with a simple goal in mind: to help people understand that while walking through the room, there’s still someone in this hell: visitors themselves.

Like modern Dantes, visitors embrace their new condition and accept it, while embarking in this strange journey or theirs.

What will they find at the end of the row or beyond that window? There’s a hell to explore, to live in. And every corner of it is labeled with a proper term, in order to understand better the toll to pay.

Visitors will feel absurd or detached or something else. The emotional ride is just the beginning since this room will show several and different spaces which will leave them astonished and speechless.

Question are raised: does walking among hell landscape make us devils too? What are we? Are we capable of coping with this new scenario?

The absence of life in places which are screaming about life is quite extraordinary. It will feel like walking at the bottom of the sea, or even deeper.

Like in hell.