The first of our rooms has the goal to introduce visitors to their strange journey. It all starts with a question? How much void do we feel in our lives?

The answer might look easy but by looking at the paintings on the walls it becomes clear that what we think is not what we are experiencing. And this realization comes pretty soon, starting from the very first pieces of art.

The void is not only within ourselves. It’s also all around us. It’s surrounding us with its pale colors and tone. The void is everywhere. Actually, visitors are filling the void in this room with their presence but it’s not enough. It can be enough.

The void is too big, too enormous to be filled completely. Everyone can experience this feeling just by looking at those marvelous paintings on the wall.

The void we feel and live is something else. Something that can’t be tamed. That can’t be overstated. We can just have a glimpse of the void we live in by subtraction which means we can disturb the void with our presence but we can’t fill it.

An abandoned house, a lonely place near a lake, a strange tree. These are all examples of the void we can experience in our life. We can struggle to avoid it but we ultimately fail in this journey.

Thus the aim of this room: to get visitors accustomed to the idea that we are not alone among others. We are just small pieces in a grand, surrounding void.