Our museum is our main attraction. We what want to tell, in here, is a story. The story of a strange looking living being: you. As a visitor of ARTIFICIALIA you’re about to enter a strange world, where you are at the center of the concept of art.

Begin your journey and adventure in the deep recess of this Wunderkammer 2.0 where everything is art, including you.

Enjoy every painting and every room in our museum in a different way. Feel the change in yourself and start wandering around like another piece of art who’s trying to find its own very spot.

Where will you end up? Will you feel comfortable in your journey? Discover amazing painting, from talented artists from around the world and focus on lights, furniture and plaques.

Everything, in our Wunderkammer 2.0 is something to be looked at. Something to be understood. Something to be experienced.

Our museum offers several rooms to dive in while enjoying art and questioning yourself with great questions which come from deep within yourself.

Discover what means to feel the void, for example, or to experience a sensorial twilight. Find yourself wondering about life, death and everything in between.

ARTIFICIALIA offers you the chance to walk through an architectural challenge, where every corner does change you and challenge you to accept this change.

We offer you nothing more than the chance to understand yourself in a better way and to deal with the result of this personal analysis. Follow your fears down into the dark hall, face your terrors, walk among monsters. These is just a glimpse of what you might find in our Wunderkammer 2.0.

Are you ready to start the journey?