The mission of ARTIFICIALIA is to engage OWW community through its exhibits, gallery and rooms.


ARTIFICIALIA strives to be an inclusive institution that facilitates respectful dialogue, debate, and the free exchange of ideas. With a deep commitment to artists – past and present – and freedom of expression, the Museum and Temporary Exhibit and staff aspire to recreate the kind of emotions felt during a Wunderkammer visit, when visitors found themselves face to face with the unknown. With our museum, we want to recreate that kind of astonishment.

We want to create our own Wunderkammer 2.0.


ARTIFICIALIA aims to be a landmark for all OWW community. It pursues this goal with a well designed architectural space which plays with light and shadows and inspires and fosters contemplation and discussion.

This museum, ultimately, aims to become a beacon for OWW growing and evolving community.