The Court is the first space you’ll find yourself in while arriving at ARTIFICIALIA. Our reception desk is also placed in here.

While our Court aims to introduce you to our two main areas (Museum and Temporary exhibit) it has several paintings displayed on the walls.

You’ll be surrounded by faces of strange men, looking at you. These painting all depict the idea of interest and curiosity and they will pull you inside the realm of our journey.

These strange faces seem to staring at you while you move your first steps in our Court. They seem to follow you with their eyes and their smiles will introduce you to the mood of the Museum.

The Court is surrounded by columns and windows who interact in a very specific way, letting you experiencing the juxtaposition between dark and light. Between what’s right and what’s wrong.

It all seems surreal and strange and makes you wondering about what you will see in the next room.

In a way, the Court represents the calm before the storm, the perfect balance between what you know and what you’re about to know, which will be strange, oniric and surreal.

There’s a quote from David Lynch waiting for you there. Believe us: those words depict our Museum perfectly.