The latest, important addition to our museum’s space, the Conference Hall is designed to allow visitors and guests to be part of art itself in a way which differs from many other realities in the art-verse.

What we envision, for our Conference Hall, is a place for everyone to share and feel emotions related to art and paintings as well as to artists and authors.

We want our Conference Hall to have a proper meaning, inside the art-verse. We want it to be a singularity in this brilliant universe. From time to time our Conference Hall will be updated and adapted to circumstances and this will allow our guests to live a proper and different experience every time.

This wide space is designed to suggest comfort and to thrill at the same time. With the same architectural pattern already used for every ARTIFICIALIA’s space, the Conference Hall is one room of a kind inside our museum and it plays a very important role.

A role which expands in time.