Andu Abril

October 31st / December 31th

Her work (full digital compositions, digital collages and digital image-based transformations) utilize the new technology with skill and deftness, but more to the point, her work speaks in content to the interconnectedness of the age. Note that in many of Andu’s images, the central character is a source of growth. Branches (figurative or stylized) grow from the heart, the mind, the sense centers of the body, reaching out, seeking, discovering, exploring.

Andu’s instinctive turn to the metaphor of self as both an independent agent and also a node connected to a larger consciousness recalls to mind McLuhan’s other great aphorism: The Medium is the Message.

The community of digital artists, of which Andu is a part, is not bound by regional styles, nor are they tied to any specific school or tradition. Andu, born in Mexico City, raised in Spain and now living, teaching and creating in Guatemala, is as much a part of the digital art world in Harare or Hanoi as she is here.

And that world is her village. What she will do with this new interconnectedness is yet to be seen, but if we might glean some vague portents from Andü’s art, then there’s hope for this old planet, yet.

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