Before visiting the museum or after experiencing one of our other spaces you can have a moment of relax and calm by getting to our monument garden which is on the second floor.

Monument garden can be reached directly from the main Court through a couple of stairs and it provides a space for total relax. It serves as conduit for an intimate experience.

Visitors, in our garden, can learn how to breath and concentrate, if they will or they simply can translate themselves into a calm and peaceful realm, trying to find the most needed spot in the universe.

We believe the garden should be visited after being through the museum, in order to appreciate and think about the Wunderkammer experience.

What we suggest is to let art flow inside you while visiting the museum and then use the power of that art to improve or better yourself.

Art can be a powerful tool to bend your reality. Why not trying to do that in a warm and pleasant place, like our Monument Garden?