There’s Music In The Air

Today is a great day! Why? Well, because ARTIFICIALIA finally added one more layer of entertainment and interest to its museum. What are we talking about? Simple: music!

With the last OWW update, it’s not possibile for every gallery to showcase its very own music! There’s no better improvement than this one. We’re sure of that! Following this awesome new content update ARTIFICIALIA did its homework and brought a very entangled layer of sounds to its Wunderkammer!

From now on, every room, in each floor, has its own surrounding music playing from dedicated speakers, scattered across the museum.

We can hardly wait to know from our visitors what they think about this gorgeous features and our music selection which, we’re sure of that, will add those chills to the endeavor.

Come visit ARTIFICIALIA today!

You won’t regret it!

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