Searching for Art

Today ARTIFICIALIA opens a new section on its website (you can find it on the WHITE TOP MENU) called SPOTLIGHT. As stated in ARTIFICIALIA’s VISION, this museum aims to be a landmark for all OWW community, with a well designed architectural space for art contemplation and discussion.

But ARTIFICIALIA aims to be more. Aims to include more. More art, more focus on art and artists.

To do so, this museum offers a new point of view on art, trying to focusing on some interesting artists which are still outside OWW digital reality but should get more attention from digital curators and art lovers in general.

The sole purpose of this section is to cast a light on the works of these painters and artists in general, with the home that, someday, they’ll bring they art into OWW.

The first artist under our spotlight is EDMOND G. LÉGER, a contemporary artist from Canada.

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