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It’s been a while since this museum got an update. Not because we stayed away from it but because we were so deeply immersed in the work in progress which we didn’t realized time was passing so fast.

So, after realizing this we decided to give our visitors an update about what lies in front of us and our beloved Wunderkammer.

First of all, we’d like to officially announce that starting from July 1st and until September 30th ARTIFICIALIA will host another Temporary Exhibit which will focus on the works of Soga Shōhaku, the prolific and influential Japanese painter of the Edo period.

Shōhaku distinguished himself from his contemporaries by preferring the brush style of the Muromachi period, an aesthetic that was already passé 150 years before his birth and helped lead him to be considered one of the “three eccentric” painters of his time.

Another news is in regards of our work on the new 1st floor. We are still in a work in progress stage but we ended up being amazed by the new features ARTIFICIALIA is about to offer.

We plan to open it pretty soon so, as usual, subscribe to our newsletter through our Contact Us page, if you haven’t already.

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