Introducing Our Conference Hall

Today we celebrate a new room in our museum. This time, however, it’s another kind of room: while we’re still working on our first floor (as described in our previous news) we started (and already finished) working on another room, attached to the our Court.

So please welcome our brand new Conference Hall, everybody! This new space is directly accessible from the Court, as soon as you enter ARTIFICIALIA. Thus, our Court is now the beating heart of the entire structure. From the Court you can access the Temporary Exhibit, the Museum’s ground floor and now the Conference Hall.

Why a Conference Hall, by the way? Well, let’s say this is the first step toward a new kind of presence for ARTIFICIALIA in the art-verse. We have many plans for our very near future and this Conference Hall is the first of many building blocks we’re going to add later.

We can hardly wait to share with our guests our future plans so stick with us and subscribe to our newsletter through our Contact Us page, if you haven’t already.

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