We’re Expanding!

Yes, it’s true: ARTIFICIALIA is officially expanding its museum! We thought about that, we planned that. We started working on that. We’re developing and creating an entire new floor for our beloved museum.

When we originally created ARTIFICIALIA we didn’t know, at the time, where it would lead us. Now we know it. This museum is increasing its visits. People start flowing in and we’re so glad about that we decided it was time to expand what we’re offering.

With twelve rooms, a court and a temporary exhibit, ARTIFICIALIA is already offering visitors a unique feeling and strong emotions. But we want to move a step further.

The first floor we’re developing is something intriguing and deep at the same time. The new floor’s name is DEEPER and it will play with your emotions as the ground floor (now renamed CATHARSIS) already does.

Work is underway. The first three rooms are already done. But we plan to create more others before opening it to the public.

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