Artificialia Is Getting Attention

Well… it seems that in these days ARTIFICIALIA is getting more and more attention. It all started few days ago when we received good comments from the community. First it was a comment, than another one, then… words started to spread and in few days more and more people started continually to come and visit our museum.

We’re very pleased in having people roaming around our rooms and staring at our art and paintings. For every step moved in our gallery by our visitors our heart gets bigger and bigger.

It’s indeed a thrilling time for us at ARTIFICIALIA.

Moreover, yesterday we found out our museum has been featured in the official Occupy White Walls newsletter in which you can read that “Artificialia created an awesome website for their gallery in Occupy White Walls, be sure to check out the website and also the gallery in-game. Treating it like a ‘real’ museum, he has reviews, tickets, changing exhibitions, and even a map – super awesome!

We couldn’t be happier. When someone appreciate your work it’s something unique and overwhelming.

We’ll surely keep working on ARTIFICIALIA. As a matter of fact, we’re already doing. More info will be revealed soon. As soon as we’ll have something to show you properly.


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