Road To The Exhibit

These are interesting times for ARTIFICIALIA. Rooms expansion is underway and I think we’ll be able to add at least two new rooms pretty soon.

I’m personally working on the themes for the new rooms and I think they will throw another strange light on visitors as they will approach them.

New painting have been purchased and are ready to be displayed on those rooms. As I said, these indeed interesting times for our beloved gallery. I can barely wait for people to come and see our new wing.

And while work on new rooms is undergoing pretty good, at the same time I’m working on the upcoming Temporary Exhibit which will open pretty soon, at the beginning of October.

I’m thrilled to work on this since it started as a side project for the gallery but, in time, it become something more. Something unique. I’m looking forward October and the opening of this new space which can be visited from the Court.

But even if we have few more days until October you can already visit ARTIFICIALIA and immerse yourself in all its recesses and spaces.

Are you ready to visit us?

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